• This is a Special Council meeting called by the Mayor under section 14.5 of the Procedure By-law for the purpose of conducting a Business License Hearing.
• This Special Council meeting is to be convened by electronic means as authorized by Part 14 of the Procedure By-law and the Vancouver Charter.

1. Suspension of Business Licence No. 20-263224 (Short Term Rental)
4525 West 14th Avenue

On Tuesday, October 26, 2021 a Business Licence Hearing will take place to determine whether or not the decision of the Deputy Chief Licence Inspector to suspend the business licence (“Business Licence”) issued to Shaun Gaji (the “Licencee”) for business premises at 4525 West 14th Avenue, should be upheld, overturned or attach conditions to the business licence.

Iain Dixon, Assistant Director - Regulatory Litigation Legal Department, Legal Department, will represent the City of Vancouver.


* * * * *

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