This is a Special Council meeting called by the Mayor under section 14.5 of the Procedure By-law to transact the agenda items set out below and hear speakers on items 2-11.

This Special Council meeting is to be convened by electronic means as authorized by Part 14 of the Procedure By-law and the Vancouver Charter.

The public can register to speak electronically to the agenda items to the Special Council meeting on October 5, 2021



1. Referral Report - Streamlining Rental Around Local Shopping Areas - Amendments to the C-2, C-2B, C-2C and C-2C1 Zones and Creation of New Rental Zones for Use in Future Rezoning Applications in Surrounding Low Density Areas Under the Secured Rental Policy

Referral to Public Hearing - no speaker requests at this time.

2. 2022 Licence Fees and Report Back on Cannabis Retail Licence Fee

3. Contract Award for the Provision of Food Services for Evelyne Saller Centre

4. Appointment of Childcare Operators, Lease Approvals, and Approval of Childcare Grants

Recommendations B, C, D and F, requires two-thirds affirmative votes of all Council members under Section 206(1) of the Vancouver Charter.

5. Climate Emergency Parking Program

6. Requests for Leaves of Absence

7. Member’s Motion - Making SAFER More Helpful For Low Income Seniors

8. Member’s Motion - Regarding the Future of False Creek South

9. Member’s Motion - Saving Lives with the Community Led Compassion Club Model for Safer Tested Drugs

10. Member’s Motion - Supporting Additional Transportation Options to Reduce Reliance on Vehicle Ownership

11. Member’s Motion - Public Safety: Evaluating and Addressing Any Impacts of City of Vancouver Actions on Neighbourhood Safety


* * * * *


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