In-camera Council meeting released decisions and reports
May 26, 2020


Childcare Project at Henry Hudson Elementary School: Proposal to Increase Project Scope and Budget

A. THAT Council approve the inclusion of a multi-purpose room for a 30-space school-age childcare program at the planned childcare facility at Henry Hudson Elementary School and an increase of s.17(1) to the capital project Multi-Year Capital Budget. Source of funds to be from development contributions in the 2019-2022 Capital Plan program for new school-age childcare:

s.17(1) from the rezoning of 400 West Georgia Street; and
s.17(1) from the rezoning of 1133-1155 Melville Street;
Expenditures will be managed within the Annual Capital Expenditure Budget.

B. THAT the Director of Legal Services be authorized to execute and deliver on behalf of the City any legal documents required to implement A above.

C. THAT no legal rights or obligations will be created by Council’s adoption of the above Recommendation, unless and until all required legal documents are executed and delivered by the General Manager of Real Estate and Facilities Management or the Director of Legal Services, as applicable.

The related Report dated May 7, 2020, refers.