Pursuant to Section 164.1(2) of the Vancouver Charter, public notice is hereby given that Council will give consideration to amend Procedure By-law No. 12577 at the Council meeting on May 26, 2020.


THAT Council will go into meetings later this week which are closed to the public, pursuant to Section 165.2(1) of the Vancouver Charter, to discuss matters related to

(c) labour relations or other employee relations;

(e) the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements, if the Council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the city;

(i) the receipt of advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose;

(j) information that is prohibited, or information that if it were presented in a document would be prohibited, from disclosure under section 21 [disclosure harmful to business interests of a third party] of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act;

(k) negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of an activity,work or facility that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the Council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the city if they were held in public;


1. Council – April 28, 2020

2. Council (Policy and Strategic Priorities) – April 29, 2020



1. Report Back on Review of Fairness and Effectiveness of the Empty Homes Tax

Julia Aspinall, Director of Financial Services, to provide a review of the fairness and effectiveness of the Empty Homes Tax as outlined in the Report dated May 4, 2020.


1. 2020 Lower Mainland Local Government Association Resolution Submission Adjustment


1. Quarterly Capital Budget Adjustments and Closeouts

2. 2020 Property Taxation: Rating By-laws and Averaging Resolutions


1. A By-law to amend Zoning and Development By-law No. 3575 to rezone an area to CD-1 re: 5130-5170 Cambie Street

(Councillors Bligh, Boyle, Dominato, Fry, Hardwick, Kirby-Yung, Swanson, Wiebe and Mayor Stewart, not on Council at the time of the Public Hearing)

2. A By-law to amend Building By-law No. 12511 regarding various energy requirements and housekeeping amendments

3. A By-law to amend Parking By-law No. 6059 regarding electric vehicle charging stations

4. A By-law to amend Building By-law No. 12511 regarding electric vehicle charging stations

5. A By-law to levy rates on all taxable real property in the City of Vancouver, to raise a sum which added to the estimated revenue of the City of Vancouver from other sources, will be sufficient to pay all debts and obligations of the City of Vancouver falling due within the year 2020 and not otherwise provided for

Subject to approval of Report 2

6. A By-law to levy a rate on property to raise monies required to be paid to the Metro Vancouver Regional District
Subject to approval of Report 2

7. A By-law to amend Heritage Property Standards of Maintenance By-law No. 11351 regarding the scope of application, the definitions and housekeeping

8. A By-law to amend Subdivision By-law No. 5208 regarding heritage property

9. A By-law to amend Energy Utility System By-law No. 9552 regarding a reduction of peak heat energy demand during an emergency

10. A By-law to amend the Mayor and Councillor Remuneration By-law regarding 2020 remuneration


A. Administrative Motions

1. “Guidelines for the Administration of Variances for Zero Emission Buildings in RS, RT and RA Districts” and “Guidelines for the Administration of Variance in Larger Zero Emission Buildings”

2. 2020 Tax Levies for Provincial Schools

Subject to approval of by-law 5

3. 2020 Tax Levies for South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority (“TransLink”)

Subject to approval of by-law 5

4. 2020 Tax Levies for British Columbia Assessment Authority

Subject to approval of by-law 5

5. 2020 Tax Levies for Municipal Finance Authority of British Columbia

Subject to approval of by-law 5

B. Council Members’ Motions

1. Reconsidering Three Proposed Referrals to Public Hearing

2. Flexible, Innovative and Expedited Patio Permitting

3. Working for More Housing Affordability in the Cambie Corridor

4. Rescinding Motion to Include C-2 Zones in Rental Housing Stock Official Development Plan - WITHDRAWN

5. Reallocation of Road Space to Support Shared Use During Pandemic

6. Improving the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Development Application Processes

7. Recalibrating the Housing Vancouver Strategy post COVID-19




* * * * *

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