In-camera Council meeting released decisions and reports
February 4, 2014


#110 – 750 Hamilton St. – Sublease of CBC Cultural Amenity Space and Approval of Capital Grant

A. THAT Council approve a capital grant of up to $1,000,000 to PuSh for basic capital improvements to the Premises, subject to the terms and conditions necessary to complete the fit out of the Premises to the satisfaction of the Managing Director of Cultural Services and the Director of Facilities Planning and Development, to be added to the 2014 Capital Budget without offset. Source of funds to be the Community Amenity Cash Contribution from the 2011 TELUS Garden Rezoning at 555 Robson Street, 775 Richards Street, 520 West Georgia Street. Any funds not required for the basic capital improvements to be held in a Facility Reserve Fund for future capital expenses for the Premises.

B. THAT no legal rights or obligations be created or arise by Council’s adoption of A and B until the Sublease has been executed by all parties and the terms and conditions of the capital grant are finalised.

The related report remains sensitive and is not to be released at this time.


* * * * *