SEPTEMBER 12, 2013



Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging and Printed Paper

A. THAT Council authorise the City Engineer to advise Multi Material BC (MMBC) that the City is interested in continuing to provide recycling services to the residents of the City of Vancouver consisting of:

i. single-family (SF) curbside recycling;

ii. multi-unit residential building (MURB) recycling; and

iii. depot recycling at the Vancouver South Transfer Station (VSTS) and Vancouver Landfill (VL);

under contract to MMBC subject to negotiation of a mutually agreeable contractual and financial arrangement.

B. THAT the Mayor write the Minister of Environment requesting the Minister's urgent involvement in resolving the deficiencies in the Multi Material BC (MMBC) Collection Offer. Specific areas of concern include:

- a lack of adequate input from municipalities and the need for an extension of the September 16, 2013 deadline MMBC has imposed;

- deterioration in the level of service to the public during both the transitional phase and the ongoing implementation of the program;

- a projected decrease in the level of recycling rates in the short-term and no firm requirement or timeline for increased recycling rates;

- significant operational and financial risks to taxpayers as a result of both the market clearing price and proposed penalties in the current contract;

- a lack of access to data about recycling rates.

C. THAT the Council decision and relevant Administrative Report be released to the public as soon as possible.

The Administrative Report dated September 11, 2013 PDF, refers.

* * * * *