JULY 24, 2012


Updated September 19, 2023

Extension and Amendments to the Hastings Park Operating Agreement (Hastings Racecourse)

Appointment of Deputy Chief Building Official and Deputy City Electrician

A. THAT Council appoint Ms. Carli Edwards, P.Eng. as the Deputy Chief Building Official (Inspection Services), effective immediately.

B. THAT Council appoint Mr. Wayne White as the Deputy City Electrician, effective immediately.

C. THAT Council appoint Mr. Kandiah Pavananthan, P.Eng., as the Deputy Chief Building Official (Permitting Services) during the absence of the current Deputy Chief Building Official (Permitting Services) from August 6, 2012 to September 4, 2012.


License of City-owned property at 3585 Graveley Street to Rogers Communications Inc.

THAT Council authorize the Director of Real Estate Services to negotiate and execute a license agreement with Rogers Communications Inc. for a portion of the premises situated at 3585 Graveley Street, legally described PID: 023-838-779, as Parcel 3, Block 113, Section 28, Town of Hastings Suburban Lands, New Westminster District, Plan LMP34147 (the “Premises”), on the following terms and conditions:

Term: Five (5) years commencing September 1, 2012.

License Area: Approximately 79.12 square feet of rooftop area, and approximately 63.08 square feet of ground area.

License Fee: s. 17(1) (d) (e) & (f) and s. 21(1)

Years 1 to 5: s. 17(1) (d) (e) & (f) and s. 21(1)

Use: Rooftop and ground areas of the property for the installation of telecommunications equipment.

Renewal Option: Three (3) consecutive renewal terms (in 2017, 2022, and 2027) of five (5) years each s. 17(1) (d) (e) & (f) and s. 21(1).

Cancellation: The Licensor may terminate the license upon providing the Licensee with twelve (12) months written notice of cancellation, after the initial five (5) years and with approval from Council.

Other Terms: The license will be provided on the City’s current Standard Form of License for Telecommunications Equipment. Terms and conditions of the License are to be drawn to the satisfaction of the Directors of Legal and Real Estate Services, it being noted that no legal right or obligation shall arise or be created until the execution of the license.

The signing fee and annual licence fee revenue to be credited to the Property Endowment Fund (“PEF”).


Lease of City-owned property, the Salt Building at 85 West 1st Avenue to Craft Beer Market Ltd.


Host City Agreement for 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup

A. THAT Council authorize the City to be a host city for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

B. THAT any and all legal agreements with Federation Internationale De Football Association (“FIFA”) and The Canadian Soccer Association (“CSA”) and any other required parties required to facilitate the city’s role as host city be on such terms and conditions as are satisfactory to the City Manager, Director of Finance and Director of Legal Services.

C. THAT upon approval of such terms pursuant to B above, the Director of Legal Services be authorized to execute and deliver such legal agreements on behalf of the City.

D. THAT no legal rights or obligations be created by the adoption of the foregoing unless and until such legal agreements are executed and delivered by the Director of Legal Services.


Applications to Federal Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund

THAT Council approve funding applications to the Federal Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund as follows:

• Bloedel Conservatory roof replacement: $225,000;
• Downtown South Gathering Place renovations: $225,000;
• Jericho Park pier rehabilitation: $225,000;
• Kitsilano Park tennis courts rehabilitation: $150,000; and
• Maritime Museum renovations: $225,000.


Executive Search - General Manager, Planning and Development Services

THAT City Council appoint Mr. Brian Jackson to the position of General Manager, Planning and Development Services, including the duties and powers delegated to the Director of Planning.


Powell Street Overpass – Project Construction Phase

A. THAT Council approve the Powell Street Overpass design and construction concept as outlined in the Administrative Report dated July 19, 2012, entitled "Powell Street Overpass – Project Construction Phase" and approve proceeding with negotiations on a Construction Phase Project Delivery Agreement with Port Metro Vancouver for report back.

B. THAT Council approve the transfer of the Project Delivery responsibility for the Powell Street Overpass Project to Port Metro Vancouver if required as a condition of the Project Delivery Agreement.

C. THAT Council grant the Director of Real Estate Services, in consultation with the General Manager of Engineering Services, the authority to commence property negotiations for the acquisition of the property required for the Project immediately with reports back as necessary following the signing of the Project Delivery Agreement.

D. THAT the Director of Real Estate Services be authorized to proceed with the acquisition of 987 East Cordova Street only at this time; legally described as Parcel Identifier: 009-273-352 Lot 22 Block 49 District Lot 181 Plan 196 at a cost of $625,000. Source of funding 2012 Capital Budget, approved 14 February 2012, RTS 9454.

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