August 30, 2004



Kristina Bouris


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September 28, 2004


Vancouver City Council


Director of Social Planning


Vancouver Food Policy Council Liaisons



The General Manager RECOMMENDS approval of the foregoing.


On December 11, 2003 Council approved the Action Plan for Creating a Just and Sustainable Food System for the City of Vancouver. The Action Plan included the establishment of a Vancouver Food Policy Council (a voluntary citizen body with formal links to the City system) with a mandate to act as an advisory and policy development body. Section 1.1a of the Action Plan states that: "To ensure strong communication with City Council, the Vancouver Food Policy Council will have two City Councillors as liaisons".


The purpose of this report is to request that Council appoint two members of Council as liaisons to the Vancouver Food Policy Council.


On July 8, 2003, Council approved a motion supporting the development of a just and sustainable food system for the City of Vancouver that fosters equitable food production, distribution and consumption; nutrition; community development and environmental health. To provide leadership in achieving this goal, a Food Policy Task Force was initiated. The first phase of the work of the Task Force culminated in the creation of the Action Plan for Creating a Just and Sustainable Food System for the City of Vancouver, approved by City Council on December 11, 2003. Among the recommendations of the Action Plan was the creation of a multi-stakeholder Food Policy Council.

At the meeting of Standing Committee on City Services and Budgets of March 11, 2004, City Council voted to establish a Food Policy Council. In order to support the work of the Food Policy Council, City Council also approved funding for the two staff positions proposed in the Food Action Plan: One Food Policy Coordinator and one Social Planner (two-year limited term).

Following a second phase of work by the Food Policy Task Force (April- July, 2004), the Food Policy Council was elected on July 14, 2004. The 20 members of the Food Policy Council include representatives from all sectors of the food system and will work towards the creation of a just and sustainable food system for the City of Vancouver.

The Food Action Plan, approved by Council on December 11, 2003, stated that Council would appoint two Councillors to serve as liaisons to the Food Policy Council. The Food Policy Council will also be requesting liaisons from Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and Vancouver School Board. Liaisons are invited to attend the monthly Food Policy Council meetings in a non-voting capacity.

The first meeting of the Food Policy Council will take place on September 20, 2004.

There are no financial implications.


The appointment of two Councillors as liaisons to the Food Policy Council will ensure strong communication between the community and City Council, and will promote the continued success of this initiative.

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