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TO: Vancouver City Council
FROM: Director of Current Planning
SUBJECT: Form of Development: 1239 West Cordova Street




There is no applicable Council policy except that Council did approve in principle the form of development for this site when the rezoning was approved, following a Public Hearing.


In accordance with Charter requirements, this report seeks Council's approval for the form of development for the above-noted CD-1 zoned site.


At a Public Hearing on June 29, 1995, City Council approved a rezoning of this site from CWD Central Waterfront District to CD-1 Comprehensive Development District. Council also approved, in principle, the form of development for these lands. CD-1 By-law Number 7681 was enacted on November 26, 1996. Companion Guidelines (Harbour Green Neighbourhood [501 Bute Street] CD-1 Guidelines) were also adopted by Council at that time.

On March 24, 1998 at a Public Hearing, Council approved miscellaneous amendments to improve various By-laws pertaining to permit control. CD-1 By-law Number 7874 was enacted on April 21, 1998.

At a Public Hearing on May 28, 1998, Council approved amendments to increase the floor area permitted for retail and service uses, and exclude accessory uses to park use from floor area calculation. These amendments (By-laws Numbered 7922 and 7923) were enacted on July 21, 1998.

On February 23, 1999 at a Public Hearing, Council approved amendments to various CD-1 By-laws to include parking and loading relaxation clauses. CD-1 By-law Number 8011 was enacted on April 13, 1999.

At a subsequent Public Hearing on February 24, 2000, Council approved amendments to provide floor space exclusions to provide construction incentives to control building envelope leaks. This amendment (By-law Number 8169) was enacted on March 14, 2000.

The site and surrounding zoning are shown on the attached Appendix `A'.

Subsequent to Council's approval of the CD-1 rezoning, on May 15, 2000, the Development Permit Board approved "in principle" Development Application Number DE404441, for Sites 2A and 2B, subject to various conditions to be satisfied prior to the submission of a Complete Development Application. On July 4, 2000, a Complete Development Application DE404441 was submitted for Phase I (Site 2B) and was deferred to the Director of Planning for decision.

The Director of Planning has now approved Complete Development Application DE404441. This approval was subject to various conditions, including Council's approval of the form of development. The latter condition is one of the few outstanding prior to permit issuance.


This CD-1 District consists of four sub-areas. The proposal (Phase One - Tower 2B)involves the construction of a 27-storey multiple dwelling and a three-storey grade-oriented townhouse podium containing a total of 105 dwelling units, with three levels of underground parking having shared vehicular access from West Cordova Street. Phase Two - Tower 1A will be processed under a separate development application and will be referred to Council for approval at that time.

The proposed development has been assessed against the CD-1 By-law and Council-approved guidelines and responds to the stated objectives.

Simplified plans, including a site plan and elevations of the proposal, have been included in Appendix `B'.


The Director of Planning has approved Complete Development Application Number DE404441, subject to various conditions to be met prior to the issuance of the development permit. One of these conditions is that the form of development first be approved by Council.

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