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October 11, 2000

MEMO TO: Mayor and Councillors

FROM: Dave Rudberg, General Manager of Engineering Services

SUBJECT: SkyTrain (Millennium Line) Fare Technology, Safety and Security Study


The Rapid Transit Project 2000 Ltd (RTPO) is responsible for the design and construction of the Millennium Line extension of the SkyTrain system. The RTPO recently completed a study on the Millennium Line fare technology, safety and security. A copy of the Executive Summary is attached to this memo (PDF Format).

Staff from the RTPO are at Council today (October 17) to present the findings of this study, how various aspects of the study have been included in the design of the Millennium line and what the next steps will be in the integration of the Millennium line with the existing SkyTrain system.

A very significant public outreach was undertaken over the last 2 years. Some of the observations and conclusions of this outreach include:

C There is a strong perception of pervasive crime on and around the SkyTrain system.

C The public strongly links fare evasion with criminal activity.

C The public believes that criminal activity could be reduced if fare evasion is reduced.

C Turnstiles at the entrance to stations coupled with increased staffing in the trains and stations would result in reduced fare evasion. This in turn would result in improved personal safety and security which in turn would result in increased ridership.

The RTPO has responded in part to public safety and security concerns in the design of the Millennium Line stations through the application of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles. Examples of these include providing clear, unimpeded sightlines within, and in the vicinity of stations. Council has been informed of the application of these principles through various briefings and Council reports on the Rupert, Renfrew and Commercial Stations.

The Provincial Government and TransLink continue to explore various Policing models to deal with enforcement activities in the vicinity of the SkyTrain system.

The RTPO (as designer and builder) and TransLink (as operator of the SkyTrain system) must now work cooperatively to seamlessly integrate the Millennium Line with the rest of the SkyTrain System in a way that further addresses the above concerns of the public. Significant decisions yet to be made in this regard include purchasing new fare equipment compatible with, or the same as what TransLink will be acquiring for the rest of the Transit system, turnstiles at stations and increased staffing. Council may wish to explore these issues further with RTPO staff.


D.H. Rudberg, P.Eng.
General Manager of Engineering Services


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