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Should you wish to speak at the Public Hearing, you can do so by calling Tarja Tuominen at 873-7191, or you may register at the door on the evening of the meeting.

Decisions arising from this meeting.

Minutes of this meeting.

1. Heritage Designation: 400-404 West Hastings Street

Summary: To approve a Heritage Revitalization Agreement (HRA) and Designation that would authorize a transferrable density bonus and secure the conservation and protection of the "B" listed heritage building 400-404 West Hastings Street.

Applicant: Simon Bonnettemaker

Recommended Approval: By the Director of Current Planning

Administrative Report dated May 1, 2000, refers.

2. Text Amendment: 699 Cardero Street (Bayshore Gardens)

Summary: The proposed CD-1 By-law amendment would amend the method of calculating building heights by using Georgia Street building grades.

Applicant: Hancock Bruckner Eng & Wright Architects

Recommended Approval: By the Director of Current Planning

Policy Report dated March 21, 2000, refers.

3. Text Amendment: One-Family Districts - Impervious Site Coverage

Summary: The proposed amendment would restrict the amount of impervious site coverage in one-family districts to reduce stormwater runoff.

Applicant: Director of Current Planning

Recommended Approval: By the Director of CityPlans

Policy Report dated March 20, 2000, refers.

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