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World Trade Organization File: 6001

MOVED by Cllr. Puil,
SECONDED by Cllr. ,

(1) THAT City Council urge the Government of Canada to consult widely and in depth with the people of Canada, especially and including municipal councils, before taking any further action on the GATS;

(2) THAT the City of Vancouver, while recognizing trade can have beneficial impacts on our region, urge the Prime Minister to have Canada file a permanent and explicit exemption in the GATS limiting application to areas of Federal jurisdiction to ensure sub-national jurisdictions maintain local flexibility and control over the delivery of public services;

(3) THAT the Government of British Columbia convene the Legislative Committee to hold public hearings on the impact of the WTO/GATS agenda on British Columbia municipalities, including an invitation to the Federal WTO/GATS negotiator, to provide background information and answer pertinent questions;

(4) THAT the Government of British Columbia establish a Trade Advisory Committee for stakeholders for ongoing consultation on international trade issues;

(5) THAT the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) be urged to dedicate staff to monitoring WTO discussions and alert Canadian municipalities of any encroachment on their jurisdictions;

(6) THAT the City of Vancouver Council state their support for the UBCM letter to the Honourable Minister Pettigrew, dated December 16, 1999 ("Trade Negotiations and the Impacts on Local Governments in Canada" - attached);

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