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Purchase of Additional Backhoe



Council approves expenditures from Reserves, including the Truck Plant Account.


The Streets Branch are required to repair asphalt cuts in the roadways after the completion of other underground work. This work was originally accomplished with one full-time crew equipped with a backhoe and breaker and one secondary crew utilizing hand tools.

The second crew initially operated approximately six months a year and to improve efficiency a backhoe and breaker were rented. Over the years this work has increased such that the second crew now works 12 months a year and a backhoe and breaker are required full-time. This work is expected to continue at this level for the foreseeable future.


The current cost of renting a backhoe and breaker is $60,000 per year while City owned equipment can be operated at an annual cost of $51,000 (including loan repayment) for a saving of $9,000 per year.

Accordingly, we recommend that a $115,000 loan be appropriated from the Truck Plant Account for the purchase of one backhoe and breaker.

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