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2000 Childcare Grants Allocation - Report 1 of 3





On February 17, 2000, Council approved the 2000 allocation of $679,300 for the Childcare Grants Program.

Approval of grant recommendations requires eight affirmative votes.


The purpose of this report is to recommend approval of:

as part of the first of three reports to Council on the 2000 Childcare Grants Program.


The February 17, 2000, Childcare Grants Ceiling Report identified the priorities, granting process and funding guidelines for the two childcare grants described in this report.


1. City-wide Childcare Support Services Grants

This grant category was established in 1992 to fund the basic infrastructure that is integral to developing and maintaining a viable, effective, high quality childcare system in Vancouver:

In 1999, Council also approved grant allocations from this category to support the development of childcare leadership and collaboration activities in each of the six MCF/Health Board network areas so that childcare issues could be adequately represented in Ministry, Health Board and community discussions. This new network based structure proved invaluable when recently it was necessary to mobilize the childcare community in Vancouver very quickly to respond to the provincial government's childcare discussion paper. The network structure has also helped to improve neighbourhood dialogue and collaboration between centre and family childcare providers.

For 2000, the funding guideline for the City-wide Childcare Support Services grant category was set at $250,000. Four applications for city-wide support services have been received and reviewed (see Appendix I). During the grant interviews applicants were required to:

As in 1999, six network based agencies have also applied for funds under this grant category to continue the development of childcare leadership, co-ordination and collaboration within their respective network areas. These agencies have the support of the other childcare providers within their respective networks and have demonstrated the administrative capacity to administer the network funds and co-ordinate the network based activities. At a meeting in December 1999 called by the Childcare Co-ordinator, it was agreed that there was also a need for a city-wide childcare committee with representation from the networks, to provide transition support to the new City Childcare Co-ordinator and build strong links with the local Ministry of Social Development and Economic Security staff who have recently taken over the responsibility for the provincial childcare mandate from the Ministry for Children and Families. Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre agreed to chair this city-wide childcare committee for 2000.

For 2000, it is recommended that the City-wide Childcare Support Services grant funds be allocated as follows:

2. Administration of City-owned Childcare Facilities Grant

The Civic Childcare Strategy called for development and support of a single-purpose, non-profit childcare organization to manage those new City-owned/leased facilities in the Downtown area resulting from rezoning negotiations or City projects. This grant category was established to fund the administrative costs of this society.

In December 1994, the Vancouver Society of Children's Centres (VSOCC) was incorporated. VSOCC now operates three children's centres which include 155 childcarespaces and a family place program, serving over 400 families. Two other facilities are in the design phase. The overall annual operating budget now exceeds $ 1.6 million.

VSOCC's Year Six Workplan includes:

This work fits with the expectations under the Administration of City-owned Childcare Facilities grant category. It is therefore recommended that VSOCC's request for $64,750 be approved by Council.


This report recommends approval of :

This leaves $364,887 still remaining in the 2000 Childcare Grants Budget for allocation to grant categories which are reported in July and/or November (see Appendix II).

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Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre
210 West Broadway, 3rd Floor
Vancouver, BC V5Y 3W2

Overview of City Services
April 1, 1999 - March 31, 2000

Westcoast Resource and Information Services (RIS)

· Funded by the City of Vancouver, BC Ministry of Social Development and agency fundraising.

· Provided consultation, information, resource and referral services by telephone, in person and through a comprehensive resource library to Vancouver citizens, predominantly child care providers, instructors, researchers, students, businesses, and families with young children.

· Provided Visitor and Reception services to agency programs, affiliate organizations and co-locators for all incoming calls, visitors, and facilitated photocopying and laminating services as well as room bookings for Westcoast programs and the community.

· Provided Multilingual Child Care Resources offering translations and interpretation services on a fee for service basis to the child care community and continued to produced all Westcoast's own publications in languages other than English.

· Provided public access to the Westcoast Library which has a comprehensive collection of materials including books, magazines, video tapes and posters. Over 10,000 items are catalogued. The library is currently funded by the BC Ministry of Social Development and Economic Security, and agency fundraising.

Westcoast Multicultural and Diversity Services (WMDS)

· Funded by the City of Vancouver, Ministry of Social Development and Economic Security, and Ministry Responsible for Multiculturalism and Immigration, with project funding from City of Vancouver Cross Cultural Expertise Grants and agency fundraising.

· Provided resources, consultation and information to the child care community and the public on multicultural, anti-bias, diversity early childhood education

· Provided 15 outreach visits involving children and staff in 5 of Vancouver's child care centres and preschools, serving 71 children and 18 staff. This direct work with children and staff in Vancouver continues to be vital to our planing as it informs our practice, which has a direct impact on the materials and resources we acquire and develop.

· Offered Neighbourhood Site Lending (NSL) in three Networks in order to bring resources to child care providers closer to where they work. At the three sites NSL lent play materials to 18 programs. Child care staff made 47 visits, providing resources for 565 children and a total of 50 staff. A total of 295 items were borrowed over a five month period (April-November 1999).

· Provided professional development to the child care community, parents, government and community program staff. Topics include Bullying Prevention, Helping Children Resist Bias and Discrimination, Cross-Cultural Child Rearing.

· Developed original curriculum and teacher training materials.

· Collaborated with local, provincial and national groups to address multicultural and anti-bias issues. Such connections include: Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of BC (AMSSA); Windows of Opportunity - Ethno-Cultural Group; Circle of Change Project(ISS).

Westcoast Information Daycare (ID)

· Funded by the City of Vancouver and the BC Ministry of Social Development and Economic Security as well as agency fundraising.

· Supported parents in making personal decisions about child care by providing up-to-date information on child care choices in Vancouver. Provided referrals to the continuum of child care options including licensed and license-not-required child care programs, family places, neighbourhood houses, community centres and preschools and general information on child care regulations, training programs for child care providers, Provincial Child Care Subsidy Program and in-home child care.

· Responded to many requests from the child care community and the public on child care topics including enhancing quality, fees, recent trends and vacancy rates.

· Continued promotion of Westcoast Information Daycare services in the Chinese and Indo-Canadian communities.

Child Care Financial and Administrative Services ( CCFAS)

· Funded by the City of Vancouver, fees for service, and agency fundraising.

· Shared information and expertise on administration, financial management and non-profit management with 25 independent, parent/community managed child care societies with a total licensed capacity of 1200 (infants, toddlers, 3-5 and school aged child care):

· Provided professional accounting services to 17 centres who operate licensed child care services with a capacity to operate a total of 590 licensed spaces.

· Contracted fees for service include : payroll, payables and related tasks; monthly and year end financial statements (unaudited); provincial and federal government financial reporting (e.g., GST return, Charities Return, Compensation Contribution Program - CCP); budget consultation and preparation of annual operating budgets for each child care society.

· Finalized service delivery reorganization to increase CCFAS collaboration, to improve efficiencies and move to a cost recovery financial plan, and started with phased in implementation of reorganization.

Prepared April 10, 2000
Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre


Grant Category

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City-Wide Support Services




Administration of City-owned Facilities




Research, Policy Development & Innovations




Program Development




Inner-City Sustaining




Program Enhancement




Program Stabilization

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