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Strathcona Park Capital Funding





City Council allocates developer contributions.


With the re-zoning of International Village, pay-in-lieu contributions were arranged with the developer, Hendersen Development (Canada) Ltd., in two distinctions as described below:

The Park Board would like to access $400,000 for the upgrade of Strathcona Park, at this time. Combined with $350,000 from the 2000 - 2002 Capital Plan design development can begin at the park.

The community process has been going on for several years at Strathcona and in 1996 a conceptual plan was generated by the consultant, Apra Group Inc. The design includes:
picnic areas, playgrounds, tennis courts, walkways, seating, etc. As it has been four years since the development of the concepts the Park Board would like to reactivate the project and update the plan. See plan attached. Funding of $750,000 will enable substantial portions of the concept to be realized.


The Park Board has $350,000 available within the 2000 - 2002 Capital Plan. The balance of the funding is recommended to be made available in the long term from the Hendersen pay-in-lieu fund ($1.5 million) set aside for the development of parks in this general area of the City. Since these funds are not available yet, in the short term an advance from the Hendersen pay-in-lieu land acquisition fund is recommended.

There are currently no park development projects in the International Village area, nor are there any imminent land purchases that would be affected by this arrangement.


The neighbourhood, as well as the Park Board, is anxious to restart the process to upgrade Strathcona Park. Use of $400,000 from the Hendersen Development (Canada) Ltd. pay-in-lieu funds will allow the process to include development and construction of an upgraded park.

The $400,000 will be an advance to be reimbursed when $1.5 million is paid by Hendersen Development (Canada) Ltd. for development of parks in the general area of International Village at the time of development of the 801st unit.

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