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Existing City Policy Arbutus Corridor




Council requested information about current policies with respect to the Arbutus Corridor. In response, the City Manager submits this report for INFORMATION.


City policies which provide a vision and direction for the future of the Arbutus Corridor are contained in the Vancouver Transportation Plan, Greenways Plan, and the City of Vancouver Regional Context Statement. Existing regulations affecting the Arbutus Corridor are contained in the Zoning and Development By-law and the Subdivision By-law.


This report provides information about existing City policies for the Arbutus Corridor.


The Arbutus Corridor is:

· 10 km long extending from Hudson Street in the south to Fir Street in the north;
· approximately 50 - 66 feet wide;
· approximately 45 acres in area;
· owned in fee simple by Canadian Pacific Railway; and
· currently used for transporting goods by rail.

On November 22, 1999, the Canadian Pacific Railway advised the City that it is preparing to end its rail operations along the Arbutus Corridor. CPR further advised the City that they were reviewing their options for the corridor and would be undertaking public consultation prior to making a proposal to the City.

As background, Council requested information about existing City policies.


Existing City policies and procedures related to the Arbutus Corridor are of two types:

· City policy statements and broad strategies expressing preferences for future use of the Corridor. These include both “stand alone” resolutions on the Corridor and policies adopted as part of comprehensive policy plans including the Vancouver Transportation Plan, Greenways Plan, and Vancouver Regional Context Statement. Some Council resolutions relate to rail right-of-ways in general and others specifically reference the Arbutus Corridor; and

· City regulations included in the Zoning and Development By-law and the Subdivision By-law which will apply to the Arbutus Corridor once it ceases to be used as a federally regulated railway line.

A. The following sections summarize the relevant City policies.

B. The following section summarizes City zoning and subdivision regulations which apply to the Arbutus Corridor.


In summary, existing City regulations apply a variety of commercial and residential zoning schedules to the Arbutus Corridor, generally reflecting the adjacent land uses. Policies which provide a vision for the future of the Arbutus Corridor contemplate transit and greenway uses in the event the current goods movement rail uses are discontinued.

Note from Clerk: Appendix A is not available in electronic form - on file in the Office of the City Clerk.

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