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2. Executive Summary

City Noise is the product of the efforts of a group of citizens brought together by Vancouver City Council in March 1996 to form the Urban Noise Task Force. A total of 13 meetings of the entire committee plus additional meetings of subcommittees were held between March and July, resulting in the release of an Interim Report at the end of July. During the summer, public input was gathered through a contracted telephone survey of 1,000 citizens. Public input was also obtained via letters, e-mail and telephone calls from more than 250 individuals and groups, including both Vancouver-based groups and organizations from outside Vancouver. Two public meetings were held at Robson Square on October 9th. In addition to public input, information was also obtained from invited presenters at the meetings of the Task Force (see Appendix I for list). During late 1996, an additional five meetings of the Task Force resulted in the production of this Final Report.

The report identifies 46 categories of noise, suggests general approaches for dealing with urban noise issues and offers 165 recommendations for improving Vancouver's soundscape.

The intent of this report is to provide recommendations for a strategic plan to address noise issues into the 21st century.

Report highlights

Figure 1: Most significant noise sources

Figure 2: Letters received by topic

All told, the Task Force has made 165 recommendations for improving Vancouver's response to urban noise in the course of preparing this interim report.

We now hand this, our final report, to Vancouver City Council and the citizens of Vancouver. We hope that the report receives careful consideration by the public and decision-makers alike and that most, if not all, of its recommendations come to fruition by the year 2000.

Figure 3: Has noise increased?
- City-wide responses

Figure 4: Has noise increased?
- Downtown/West End responses

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