CITY OF VANCOUVER

                            REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING

        A Regular Meeting of the Council of the City of Vancouver was held
   on Thursday, September 26, 1996, at 5:25 p.m., in Committee Room No. 1,
   Third Floor, City Hall, following the Standing Committee on Planning &
   Environment meeting, to consider the recommendations of the Committee.

        PRESENT:  Mayor Owen
                  Councillors Bellamy, Chiavario, Hemer, Ip, Price,       
   Puil and Sullivan

        ABSENT:   Councillor Clarke (Sick Leave)
                  Councillor Kennedy (Sick Leave)
                  Councillor Kwan (Leave of Absence)

        CITY MANAGER'S OFFICE:   Ken Dobell, City Manager

        CLERK TO THE COUNCIL:    Nancy Largent


   MOVED by Cllr. Bellamy,
   SECONDED by Cllr. Chiavario,
        THAT this Council resolve itself into Committee of the Whole, Mayor
   Owen in the Chair.

                                           - CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

                               COMMITTEE REPORTS

   Report of Standing Committee
   on Planning and Environment
   September 26, 1996          

        Council considered the recommendations of the Committee, as
   contained in the following clauses of the attached report:

        Cl. 1.    Official Community Plan for 
                  Part of Electoral Area "A" UBC
        Cl. 2.    Wall Centre Phase II - Hotel
                  Tower Proposal
        Cl. 3.    Possible Withholding Action for
                  2722 West 21st Avenue - Mackenzie
                  Heights Interim Zoning Review Study Area

   Clauses 1 and 3

   MOVED by Cllr. Bellamy,
        THAT the recommendations of the Committee, as set out in clauses 1
   and 3 of the attached report, be approved.

                                           - CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY
   Wall Centre Phase II - Hotel
   Tower Proposal (Clause 2)   

   MOVED by Cllr. Bellamy,
        THAT the recommendation of the Committee, as set out in Clause 2 of
   the attached report, be approved.

                                           - CARRIED

                          (Councillor Price opposed)


   MOVED by Cllr. Bellamy,
        THAT the Committee of the Whole rise and report.

                                           - CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


   MOVED by Cllr. Bellamy,
   SECONDED by Cllr. Chiavario,
        THAT the report of the Committee of the Whole be adopted.

                                           - CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

                          ENQUIRIES AND OTHER MATTERS

   1.   Columbia Astronauts

        Councillor Bellamy advised he had attended UBC today to greet the
   astronauts of Space Shuttle Columbia.  The Councillor presented the
   Mayor with two collages presented to the City by Dr. Robert Thirsk,
   Canadian astronaut, in commemoration of the Space Shuttle Columbia
   mission, June 20-July 7, 1996.

                           *     *     *     *     *

                        Council adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

                           *     *     *     *     *

                               REPORT TO COUNCIL

                         STANDING COMMITTEE OF COUNCIL
                          ON PLANNING AND ENVIRONMENT 

                              September 26, 1996

        A  Regular Meeting of the Standing Committee of Council on Planning
   & Environment was held on Thursday, September 26, 1996, at  2:00 p.m. in
   Committee Room No.1, Third Floor, City Hall.

                  PRESENT:  Councillor Price, Chair
                            Mayor Owen
                            Councillor Bellamy
                            Councillor Chiavario
                            Councillor Hemer
                            Councillor Ip
                            Councillor Puil
                            Councillor Sullivan

                  ABSENT:   Councillor Clarke (Sick Leave)
                            Councillor Kennedy (Sick Leave)
                            Councillor Kwan (Leave of Absence)

   CITY MANAGER'S OFFICE:   Ken Dobell, City Manager

                  CLERK:    Nancy Largent


        The Committee  agreed to vary the order of agenda to deal with item
   3 first.

   3.   Possible Withholding Action for
        2722 West 31st Avenue - Mackenzie Heights
        Interim Zoning Review Study Area                       File: 2609-3

        The  Committee  had  before   it  an  Administrative  Report  dated
   September  19,  1996  (on file),  in  which  the  Director of  Community
   Planning  recommended   Council  withhold  issuance   of  the   Combined
   Development  and Building Permit for 2722  West 31st Avenue for 90 days.
   The property is located  within a portion  of West Kerrisdale which  has
   been referred to Public  Hearing, and the proposed development  does not
   conform to the proposed RS-5 zoning.

        Bob McGilvray, Planner, reviewed  particulars of the application to
   construct a  new single-family dwelling  under RS-1.   Above-grade floor
   area  is  220  square  feet  over  what  would  be  allowable  outright.
   Discrepancies in side yard and front yard setbacks were also noted.

   Clause No. 3 (Cont'd)

        Dean Fox, property owner (brief filed), reviewed the history of the
   application.  The original plans drawn were not submitted because he and
   his wife became  uncomfortable with the neighbourhood "fit", and decided
   that the  Tudor  house  now designed  and  submitted would  be  more  in
   keeping.  They  had no intention to  avoid RS-5 but were unaware  it was
   under  contemplation,  since  they  do  not  currently  reside  in   the
   neighbourhood.  Mr. Fox drew the Committee's  attention to a petition of
   support signed by 13 immediate neighbours, and indicated that  no one he
   approached refused to sign it.

        The  following  motion by  Councillor  Puil  was  put and  carried.
   Tehrefore, the Committee 


        THAT Council  instruct staff to  process the Combined  Building and
        DevelopmentApplication for  the proposed  development at 2722  West
        31st Avenue in the normal manner.

                                           - CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

   1.   Official Community Plan for
        Part of Electoral Area "A" UBC                         File: 5551-3

        At the commencement of this  item, Councillor Price excused himself
   from  voting because  he will  vote at  the G.V.R.D. meeting  where this
   matter   is  considered,  but  remained  in  the  gallery  to  hear  the
   discussion.  The item was chaired by Mayor Owen.

        The  Committee had before it  a Policy Report  (P1) dated September
   10,  1996 (on  file), which  was withdrawn  from  the Council  agenda of
   September 24, 1996 in response to a delegation request.   In the report,
   the Director of City Plans, in  consultation with the General Manager of
   Engineering Services, provided  comments on the City's  interests in the
   Draft  Official  Community  Plan (OCP)  for  the  University of  British
   Columbia   (UBC)  portion  of  Electoral  Area  "A".    A  response  was
   recommended  to  the GVRD  Public Hearing  on the  Plan,  to be  held on
   October  15, 1996,  which is  reflected in  the recommendations  of this

        Ann McAfee, Director  of City Plans,  highlighted areas of  concern
   with  the  Draft  OCP,  including  transportation  and  related  housing
   provisions, and  community service  provisions.   Dr. McAfee  noted that
   governance is also  an issue, in that the landowner,  the University, is
   also the  decision-making  body for  the  OCP.   A study  of  governance
   options  for Electoral Area "A"  is currently underway,  but not knowing
   what form it may ultimately take presents a dilemna.

   Clause No. 1 (Cont'd)

        Harold Kalke,  UBC Board of  Governors, reviewed the  objectives of
   the OCP.  There is a need to  give the university a real sense of  place
   and make it warmer and more accessible; to make the best possible use of
   the land, which is a limited and valuable resource; and to take a better
   look at  context and how buildings fit into the  design as a whole.  Mr.
   Kalke requested the  opportunity to provide a written reply to the staff
   concerns expressed in the Policy Report.

        Dr. McAfee  noted comment must  be provided to the  GVRD by October
   15th, and  undertook to provide  a verbal report  on UBC's reply  at the
   October  10th Committee meeting.   Council could  then determine whether
   its decision in this matter requires any revision.

        Liz  Haan, Vancouver Task  Force on Access to  UBC and UEL, advised
   the Task Force's goal was to achieve a 30% reduction in car trips by the
   year 2000.  To achieve this goal, Ms Haan recommended the following:

        *    implementation  of a transit "U-Pass"  such as that  in use at
             the University of Washington;

        *    a comprehensive  parking management system, including  no free
             parking,  increased parking  fees,  and strict  enforcement of
             parking regulations;

        *    at  least  25%  of housing  dedicated  to  staff,  faculty and

        Gordon Dungate,  Transit and Traffic  Group to implement  the Point
   Gray   Neighbourhood  Plan,   felt   concerns  about   access,  longterm
   infrastructure and servicing  must be  met.  Mr.  Dungate supported  the
   civic staff position regarding the OCP.

        The following  motions by  Councillor  Puil were  put and  carried.
   Therefore, the Committee


        A.   THAT  Vancouver City Council advise the GVRD that the City has
             the following  concerns with the Draft  UBC Official Community

             i.   Section  4.1.16  (b)     Future  Housing  Areas:  whereby
                  proposed  housing  targets  provide inadequate  assurance
                  that efforts  will be made  to house faculty,  staff, and
                  students,  thereby  reducing commuting  through Vancouver

   Clause No. 1 (Cont'd)

             ii.  Section   4.2   Access  and   Section  4.3.1   Long  Term
                  Infrastructure  and  Servicing:   whereby  the  lack   of
                  specifics   about   actions   to  reduce   commuting   by
                  automobile, manage truck traffic  to and from the campus,
                  and  pay for  servicing costs  provide no  assurance that
                  off-site  impacts  from  development will  be  adequately
                  addressed; and

             iii.  Section  4.1.16 (f)  Useable  Neighbourhood Open  Space,
                  Section 4.1.18 Community Centre, and Section 5.1 Staging:
                  whereby the provision  of open space  and the staging  of
                  community facilities provides no assurance that the needs
                  of  residents will  be provided  for  in an  adequate and
                  timely  manner,  possibly resulting  in  demands on  City

        B.   Given  that the City s concerns may be addressed through a new
             governance process,  THAT Vancouver City Council  recommend to
             the GVRD  that enactment of  the OCP be  withheld until a  new
             governance  system  is in  place and  Council  is in  a better
             position  to  assess  whether  the City s  interests  will  be
             adequately addressed through the implementation process.

        C.   THAT, in further preparation of the OCP and related documents,
             the recommendations of the Task Force on Transportation Access
             to  UBC  and  UEL  be  incorporated  to  the  greatest  extent
             possible, with particular reference to the following issues:

             i.   preparation  of  an  access  plan  demonstrating  a  firm
                  commitment by UBC to a strengthened Transportation Demand
                  Management program and implementation of a U-Pass system,
                  with analysis of the measures required to accommodate the
                  OCP  housing and  job  targets with  no  net increase  in
                  vehicle traffic;

             ii.  development of a  goods and construction management  plan
                  to more equitably distribute  truck trips, and to explore
                  other  options for disposal  of excavated  and demolition
                  material, such  as removal by barge  or on-site disposal;

             iii. creation of  a more complete  community in the  OCP area,
                  with zoning, economic, and unit-size criteria established
                  so  as to  support  University-oriented  population,  and
                  basic  commercial  and  recreational facilities  provided

                                                      - CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY
   2.   Wall Centre Phase II - Hotel Tower Proposal           File: 2606-3/

        The Committee had  before it  a Policy Report  dated September  10,
   1996 (on  file), in  which the  Chair of  the  Development Permit  Board
   sought Council's  advice on the  suitability of a  450 ft. tower  at the
   location   of  1001   Hornby   Street  and   its   intrusion  into   the   Council-approved Queen Elizabeth Park view cone.  

        Ralph  Segal,  Planner, reviewed  the  application with  particular
   reference to the 450 ft.  tower requested for a 300 ft. zone.   Only the
   Queen Elizabeth Park view cone would be affected, and the tower's impact
   on  the skyline would be insignificant  from many vantage points.  There
   would be somewhat more impact along Broadway and from South False Creek;
   however, this  would be somewhat mitigated by the size and prominence of
   towers  already  approved  for  the  Concord  Pacific  development.    A
   significant public amenity,  Volunteer Square, is  proposed.  Mr.  Segal
   reviewed  shadowing, open space and view impacts.  The development would
   utilize a  transfer of  density  from the  Stanley Theatre,  as well  as
   banked density from the old Main Library.  

        Rick Scobie, Director of Land Use  and Development and Chair of the
   Development  Permit Board, advised the Board was inclined to approve the
   height.    However,  three points  require  Council's  advice  as policy

        *    first,  whether Council  is  prepared to  approve the  density
             bonus tranfer;

        *    second, whether  Council will  approve the intrusion  into the
             Queen Elizabeth Park view corridor;

        *    third,  the  general  issue  of  a  height  increase  of  such
             magnitude  in an  area of  the downtown  peninsula where  such
             heights have not traditionally occurred.

        Mr. Scobie clarified that after Council deals with the matter, this
   application will be approved or refused by the Development Permit Board,
   under whose jurisdiction it  falls.  However, should Council  decline to
   approve  either the density  transfer to this site  or the view corridor
   intrusion,   the  Board  will  have  no  choice  except  to  refuse  the

        Michael  Gordon, Planner,  responded to  queries about  the Skyline
   Study currently underway.   The study is premised upon retention  of all
   view corridors except the  Queen Elizabeth Park view corridor,  which is
   ignored.   The  Queen Elizabeth  Park view  corridor affects  almost the
   entire downtown  peninsula, so alternatives cannot  be developed without
   disregarding it.   Staff  expect the  study will  be completed by  March
   1997.   However,  there will  likely be  enough information  on possible
   alternatives available by January  1997 to assist Council in  evaluating
   the hotel tower proposal, should Council wish to defer the  matter until

   Clause No. 2 (Cont'd)

        Peter  Busby, Busby & Associates, spoke on behalf of the applicant.
   Mr. Busby  gave a  detailed  presentation on  the proposed  development,
   describing the site, building  shape and location, height and  number of
   stories, layout,  and various  environmentally friendly features  of the
   building.    The  proposed  public  space, Volunteer  Square,  was  also
   described including landscaping components.  The building will  be built
   to a very high quality,  Timing is very important to the developers, who
   hope to open the building no later than New Years Eve 1999.

        Bill  Millerd,  Stanley   Theatre  Society,  thanked  Council   for
   supporting the Stanley Theatre through its heritage policies.   However,
   Mr. Millerd  was concerned  over any delay  in the  purchase of  density
   which will  bring the Stanley $1.2 million.   There is a  timeline to be
   met  to  obtain infrastructure  funding, and  the  society is  unable to
   commence renovations until it  acquires ownership of the building.   Any
   delay is also a concern to potential donors.

        Dale Cuthbertson,  Volunteer Vancouver, felt the proposed Volunteer
   Square will be a significant focus  to recognize the role of  volunteers
   in  the community, and thereby  strengthen the volunteer  movement.  Mr.
   Cuthbertson was  very pleased with  the development, which  will attract
   attention and provide a venue for fund-raising campaigns.

        Gail Davidson, Vancouver resident, opposed the 450 ft. hotel tower.
   Ms.  Davidson  felt  architects  are  capable  of  building  interesting
   buildings within the  existing code.  Buildings not in  harmony with the
   city's  natural  setting should  not be  permitted.   Building  codes in
   cities such as  Palm Springs, Paris  and Victoria are very  strict about
   protecting their unique characters.  Ms. Davidson requested that Council
   not allow  any height  variation above  the 300  ft.  allowed under  the
   zoning, or alternatively, that a decision be deferred pending completion
   of the Skyline Study.

        Ursula Abbott, False  Creek resident, represented the views  of her
   strata council  and other  neighbours.   Ms. Abbott opposed  a 450  foot
   tower baecause  it would have  a negative impact  on the views  of False
   Creek residents, and negatively affect property values.  This is a major
   change  which will  affect views in  many parts  of the  city, and there
   should have  been far broader notification than  took place.  Ms. Abbott
   was concerned lest  developers take  approval of this  development as  a
   precedent for taller buildings.

   Clause No. 2 (Cont'd)

        Arthur  Erickson,  Architect,  acknowledged the  dilemma  faced  by
   Council  when  it  is  asked to  approve  a  really  good  project which
   contravenes its guidelines.  However, in  his experience most worthwhile
   buildings do so.  Downtown does not have many distinctive buildings, and
   this  would be  an exciting  and distinguished  building.   Mr. Erickson
   suggested  a bonusing system for buildings which are very distinctive to
   avoid setting a precedent for more mediocre developments.

        David  Gillanders, Stikeman,  Elliott, representing  the developer,
   felt the height is appropriate for the site and the tower will not block
   views of the mountains from  Queen Elizabeth Park.  A poll taken  by the
   developer was basically  supportive of  the development.   This  special
   building  will  provide  direct  economic  benefits  and  has  not  been
   subsidized  in any way.   Mr. Gillanders requested  Council exercise its
   discretion and allow the application to proceed.

        While favorably impressed with the proposed building, the Committee
   felt  it should  defer a decision  until sufficient  information becomes
   available from the Skyline Study to make an informed decision.  

        The following motion by  Councillor Chiavario was put  and carried.
   Therefore, the Committee 


        THAT Council defer decision on the Wall Centre Pahse II Hotel Tower
        Proposal pending staff  reporting back to  Council in January  1997
        with the preliminary Skyline Study results, specifically as related
        to  the  Wall  Centre  Phase II  proposal,  for  Council's  further

        AND  THAT  Council reiterate  to  staff  the  expectation that  the
        fineal, full report on  the Skyline Report will be  brought forward
        no later than March 1997.
                                           - CARRIED

                          (Councillor Price opposed)

                           *     *     *     *     *

                     The Committee adjourned at 5:25 p.m.

                 *     *     *     *     *