MOTION 1(i)
                             ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT

                                       Date: April 2, 1996
                                       Dept. File No. 120 616 5000

    TO:       Vancouver City Council

    FROM:     General Manager of Engineering Services

    SUBJECT:  Burrard Street Bridge Upgrade


         THAT the funding in the amount of $50,000 in Streets Basic Capital
         Unallocated  Account No. 12/01/1817/999 - (Burrard, Pacific Blvd.,
         &  Bridge)  be released  for  a program  of trial  cycling  use on
         Burrard Bridge over the Summer of 1996.


         The  above recommendation  is put  forward to  support the  motion
         tabled at the last Council meeting.  If the motions  are approved,
         it is intended that a trial program for cycling would be designed,
         implemented  and monitored  in consultation  with the  Bicycle and
         Burrard Bridge Advisory  Committees.  Following  an evaluation  of
         the results, a report on the various  options and impacts would be
         submitted to Council.


    This project is part of the approved 1994-1996 Capital Plan.


    On March  26, 1996, a  notice of  motion was introduced  at Council  to
    defer a decision on Burrard Bridge, institute trials over  the next six
    months, and  address problems  on the north  shore of  False Creek  and
    English Bay.  The  purpose of this report is  to advise briefly on  the
    status  of  these  issues, and  to  recommend  a source  of  funding to
    implement a trial program.


    A comprehensive planning and public consultation process was started in
    the Fall of 1994 to develop options that:

         improve  conditions on  the Burrard  Street Bridge  and connecting
         roadways for cyclists and pedestrians: 

         consider the needs of in-line skaters, 

         improve  safety for northbound vehicles from  the Bridge to Hornby
         Street; and, 

         remove  the through traffic from Hornby south of Pacific and Beach

    -    Over the same time period,  staff have worked with the  Park Board
         staff and the consultant  to address the connection along  English
         Bay to Stanley Park.

    A staff steering  committee and  an advisory committee  of 22  interest
    groups  associated with  the Bridge  have  been meeting  throughout the
    planning and consultation period.   Two options that were  presented to
    Council  on September 12, 1995,  and that have  been publicly discussed
    for several months,  are illustrated  in Appendix A.   Public  feedback
    over this time  has been low, and there was not a strong consensus on a
    particular  option.   An  Angus Reid  public  survey (see  Appendix B),
    conducted on the telephone and in person, showed strong support for the
    option  which  extends the  sidewalks outward,  and connects  to Hornby
    Street.   The study  process is  now complete,  the Advisory  Group has
    essentially completed its work,  and the results can be  made available
    to Council shortly.


    a.   THE CONSENSUS:  The  Advisory Group represented a wide  variety of
         interests and did not reach a consensus.  Public response via open
         houses,  telephone  "hot-line",  letters   and  the  Internet  was
         limited, and was also  mixed.  However, the public  survey clearly
         supported  the  option which  extends  the  sidewalks outward  and
         connects Burrard Bridge northbound to Hornby Street.

    b.   EFFECTS  OF OPTIONS:  Information is available  on effects  of the
         options and will be included in the Council report.

    c.   NORTH  SHORE SEAWALL:  Designs  for an enhanced  bicycle route for
         Beach Avenue/English Bay  have been  prepared and are  now in  the
         public consultation stage.   A  firm proposal could  be ready  for
         review by Council and Park Board prior to this Summer.
    d.   ADVISORY COMMITTEE:   The Advisory Committee  has now  essentially
         completed  its  work.    Prior  to  completing  its  studies,  the
         committee  did elaborate  on  a  "status  quo" option  that  would
         include  modifications  to  the  existing  bridge  deck, including
         experiments (see Appendix C).

    e.   TRIALS:   A series of  trial programs  for cyclists on  the Bridge
         could  be   developed  in  consultation  with   the  two  advisory
         committees.  These trial applications would be monitored and would
         be included in a final report on Bridge options.

    These  programs  would have  funding  implications that  have  not been
    determined at  this time;  however, as  a rough  estimate, a  series of
    experiments  over  the  Summer could  cost  in  the  order of  $50,000,
    including some temporary staff to monitor and ensure public safety.  As
    part  of the 1991 Streets Capital Budget, Council allocated $200,000 to
    design  a connection between Burrard  Bridge and Hornby  Street.  These
    funds have not been spent, and could be released for use in these trial
    programs.   At  such  time as  the  final design  proceeds,  additional
    funding would be required to replace these funds.

                           *     *     *     *     *