At  the  Council  meeting  of  March  26,  1996,  Councillor  Price
   submitted  the following Notice of  Motion, which was  recognized by the

   Burrard Bridge

   MOVED by Cllr. Price,
   SECONDED by Cllr. 
        THAT WHEREAS City Council is expected to make a choice with respect
   to a cycling lane on the Burrard Bridge from one of three options:

        -    expand bridge outwards
        -    remove a lane
        -    maintain status quo

        AND WHEREAS there is  no consensus on any single option,  and there
   remains a  lack  of  information  on the  possible  effects  of  such  a

        AND WHEREAS other decisions affecting the bridge have not been made
   (The Hornby ramp, intersection design at  both ends of the bridge, left-
   hand turn bays on Burrard Street);

        AND  WHEREAS  there is  an immediate  need  to address  problems on
   routes leading  to the  bridge, in particular  the Seawall on  the North
   Shore of False Creek and English Bay;

        BE  IT  RESOLVED THAT  Council defer  the  decision on  the Burrard
   Bridge until after a series of trials has been undertaken  over the next
   six  months to  experiment  with possible  options  and to  monitor  the

        AND THAT the Burrard Bridge Advisory Committee and Bicycle Advisory
   Committee be asked to develop  a program of trials and to  monitor their
   impact for a report back to Council;

        AND  THAT these trials be  held in conjunction  with various events
   already scheduled as appropriate;

        AND THAT the City and Park Board immediately address those problems
   on routes leading to the bridge (in particular the Seawall  on the North
   Shore of False Creek and English Bay).