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The Civic Childcare Strategy, approved by Council October 1990, recognized the need to ensure the availability of start-up and operating subsidies to sustain those new childcare facilities being opened in high density neighbourhoods, as a result of rezoning negotiations or City initiated projects. In May 1991, Council approved the creation of the Childcare Endowment Reserve.

On December 15, 1994, Council approved the terms and conditions of the Childcare Endowment Reserve, including eligibility criteria and the process of accessing these funds.

In April 1996, Council clarified that the City Childcare Endowment Reserve was to be established as an interest bearing fund.

In January 2000, Council approved a strategy, in principle, of winding down the existing City Childcare Endowment Fund over the next ten years as outlined in the January 10, 2000 Administrative Report. Council approved the maximum rate for the infant/toddler operating subsidy at $1,650 per licensed infant/toddler space per annum for the period January 1, 2001 - December 31, 2002 from the Childcare Endowment Reserve.

Approval of grant recommendations requires eight affirmative votes.


The purpose of this report is to authorize payment up to the maximum subsidies available for 2002 as per the approved existing Operating Agreements.


On April 8, 1996, Council approved childcare agreements covering the period 1995 to 1998 with three eligible childcare operators, the Vancouver Society of Children's Centres (VSOCC), the Vancouver YWCA (YWCA) and the Collingwood Neighbourhood House Society (CNH). The agreements laid out the terms and conditions for accessing infant and toddler operating subsidies and set the maximum contribution level per space per annum for the term of the agreements. In January 2000, Council directed the Law Department to renew operating agreements with the three eligible childcare operators. Collingwood Neighbourhood House Society agreement is completed and the remaining two are in process.

Social Planning was directed by Council to administer the Childcare Endowment Reserve funds, to report back on the actual funding spent each year and to seek Council annual authorization of payments up to the contribution limits for each eligible childcare operator. In January, 2000, Council approved the maximum rate for the infant/toddler operating subsidy at $1,650 per licensed space per annum for the period January 1, 2001 - December 31, 2002.

As of August 1, 2002, there is approximately $3,742,693 in the Childcare Endowment Reserve.


The following chart sets out the 2001 approved and actual contributions as well as the 2002 recommended contributions for the infant/toddler operating subsidies for the three VSOCC infant/toddler childcare programs - Library Square (12 spaces), Dorothy Lam (24 spaces) and Quayside (24 spaces); Collingwood Neighbourhood House Society (24 spaces) and YWCA (24 spaces).

As the operating costs for infant/toddler care cannot be fully realized through parent fees and the cost would be prohibitive, the infant/toddler operating subsidy is critical to program viability.

2002 Maximum Subsidy Contribution



2001 Max.

2001 Actual

2002 Max Subsidy



$ 99,000





$ 39,600





$ 39,600




Total daycare operating subsidies of $178,200 are to be funded by the Childcare Endowment Reserve.


The Childcare Endowment Reserve funds continue to be required to support the
VSOCC infant and toddler programs at Library Square (12 spaces), Quayside (24 spaces), Dorothy Lam (24 spaces), the infant/toddler programs at YWCA Leslie Diamond Centre (24 spaces) and Collingwood Village (24 spaces). Social Planning recommends authorization of payments of the 2002 infant/toddler operating subsidy up to the contribution levels contained in this report for the operators.

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