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Appendix B - Summary of Consultant Report - Burrard Bridge Heritage Study - December 2001

Burrard Bridge Heritage Study - 2001

Donald Luxton & Associates

Section 3.4: Heritage Values

The Burrard Bridge is a very significant heritage resource (Category A) evaluation) that is of high historic and symbolic value to the City of Vancouver. There are two crucial elements to the design concept of the bridge: the experience of driving across it ("Roadway") as well as its perception from a distance ("Gateway").

The original design intent is clear, and its integrity remains almost completely intact. The bridge is still used for its original function (no change of use) and the bridge remains largely unaltered. It is an important part of Vancouver's designed interaction with its waterfront setting. Its location, scale and detailing all contribute to the bridge being a major visual and symbolic civic icon.

The most unusual and important aspect is that the bridge works as an entrance gateway in both directions (lateral and parallel): from a distance it defines the entry to False Creek; and crossing over it defines a monumental gateway to downtown.

The two main urban design concepts of the bridge design are:



Secondary Elements

3.5 Relevant Conservation Guidelines

There are a number of different internationally recognized principles of conservation that can be applied to the Burrard Bridge. Specifically, the following are useful for understanding how any proposed alterations may be evaluated.

(Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office)

Section 4.1: Principles and Parameters for Improvement Options

The first step in a respectful approach to heritage conservation of significant sites is adequate research and documentation, which has now been undertaken through this study for the City of Vancouver. Given the heritage significance (Category A) of the Burrard Bridge, there are a number of basic principles that should be followed in the design and assessment of any interventions to the bridge's original structure and fabric:

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